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I am Cecile van der Wilden (30). With my work and lifestyle I try to create a ripple effect of positivity and harmony. Every individual has a (positive or negative) impact on his or her direct environment (human, animal and nature); this impact starts with yourself. My goal is to help you find harmony within and with the world around you, so that you can live a happier and healthier life and together we can increase the positive ripple effect around us.

I'm a ...

  • Social and Organisational Psychologist (MSc)

  • Holden Qigong Teacher (first and only in the Netherlands)

  • Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator (leadership development, team building and personal development with horses)

  • Horse Trainer (natural horsemanship)

But also... a life coach, an animal and nature lover, a vegetarian (pretty much vegan), a student in energy healing, an ‘extraverted introvert’, a scuba diver and an aspiring Taoist with a passion for sea turtles and protecting the Earth.

I offer Qigong lessons, online Life Coaching and Horse Training.


Would you like less stress (or illness, frustration, sadness, fear, worry, anger etc.) in your life and more vitality (and good health, happiness, relaxation, calmness, creativity, inspiration, confidence, compassion, inner peace, etc.)? Then Qigong might be just for you! It calms the mind, opens the heart and energizes the body.

Qigong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice to (re-)balance body and mind by doing slow, flowing movements (based on movements in nature), deep breathing and visualization. In TCM it is mainly used as a prevention of sickness (energy stagnation) so to remain in good health and also to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities to remove any stagnation. Physical and emotional blockages are (partially) cleared and negative energy is transformed to positive energy. And everyone can do it, no matter your physical abilities!

In a lesson we will start with some energy activation and warm up, followed by light stretches to open up the meridians (energy pathways) and then go into flow to bring everything in harmony. Qigong is also called a moving meditation so expect to feel ‘zen’ after the lesson!

Group lessons outside (45-60 minutes)

Every Thursday evening at 8pm at nature preserve Lentevreugd in Wassenaar. We will meet at the entrance of the nature preserve. Wear comfortable clothes and bring some water. Qigong is best done bare foot, but of course feel free to keep your shoes on. Lessons will be primarily taught in Dutch, but of course I can adjust to English speaking students. Please sign up at least 12 hours in advance by sending me a whatsapp/email/facebook message (find contact info below).

Trial lesson FREE

Regular lesson €10

10-lesson pass €80 (valid for 6 months)

Online classes (30-45 minutes)

Every Monday evening I do a live Qigong session through a private Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/520384552196937/. These videos will remain on this facebook page so you always have plenty of Qigong routines to practice in your own time. These classes are in English!

Trial week FREE

Month access €9,99 (you pay per month, there is no automatic renewal of your 'subscription').

Private lessons through Skype

Trial lesson €10 (20 minutes)

Regular lesson €30 (45 minutes)


I offer an accessible, yet powerful life coaching process to anyone who could use some direction in his or her life or to those who are ready to specify their life goal and mission. This coaching will be done through Skype or another video-call.

The process consists of:

  • a 10-minute introduction call through Skype to test the connection (both technically and personally);

  • 2 sessions of approx. 1,5 hours, with 2-4 weeks in between and a few homework questions; the first session lays a foundation for the second session;

  • a short follow-up call (about a month after the 2nd session);

  • a detailed report of the sessions so that you can always re-read it;

Through this coaching process, you can expect to gain more insight in what is truly important to you, have more clarity about which direction to go in life and which next steps to take. You will gain more insight in your limiting beliefs, find more balance and structure in your life and have new motivation to follow your heart.

CORONA-DEAL! Now this package only costs €120,- (incl. a short guided meditation recording for at home).

Is this whole process a bit too intense for you and would you rather just try one session (of approx. 1,5 hours). That's fine! Then you only pay €60,- (incl. a short report and a 7-minute guided meditation recording).

​​HORSE TRAINING (natural horsemanship)

In the area of Wassenaar, the Netherlands, I offer guidance to those wanting to create a harmonious partnership with their horse. I also start young horses, re-start problem horses and teach groundwork lessons. My horse training services fall under the name Pyramid Horsemanship. Check out www.pyramidhorsemanship.com


Coming soon! Leadership development and team building through experiential learning with horses.


Would you like more information about what I offer or would you like to book a lesson? Send me an email: cecilevanderwilden@gmail.com or give me a call/send a whatsapp: +31630517354

(VAT exempt)